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General Service Conditions

Costa Blanca, Valencia and Murcia.


The general terms and conditions of vehicle rental in the Costa Blanca, Valencia and Murcia are
established hereinafter. If you have any enquiries, please contact us by phoning: 0034 965 689 060

or send us an E-mail to


21% VAT is included in all the prices that are mentioned in the following services.


    Free airport service

    Branch transfers

    Fuel and mileage

    Accessories, additional drivers and learner/beginner drivers

    GPS Navigation System


    Breakdowns, accidents and fines


1. Free airport service:

At Alicante, Valencia and Murcia airports our drop-off points are located right inside the airport car parks (you will be told the exact location of such when you receive the confirmation of your reservation), which makes the whole process much quicker and there are no extra charges for this service.


Night time drop-offs (from 22:01 to 7:00) are only available for airport reservations and there is a surcharge of 20€.


2. Branch transfers: You can pick up your vehicle and then drop it off in completely different branches (within the Costa Blanca, Valencia and Murcia). There is a surcharge of 35€ for this service.


If you want to pick up or drop off your vehicle in Altea, Teulada - Moraira or Benissa- La Fustera there is a surcharge per drop-off/pick-up of 30€.


3. Fuel and mileage:


The price of a full tank can vary from between 60€ and 128€ according to the type of vehicle that is rented.



150 km. per day of rental for reservations of 1 to 4 days long. For reservations of 5 days and more, the mileage is unlimited.


The surcharges for excess mileage per group are shown in the following table:


   Excess mileage 0.15€ EURO per km for the Groups: AA, A1, A, B, BB, and B1.


   Excess mileage 0.20€ EURO per km for the Groups: C, CC, C1, D, D1, and E.

   Excess mileage 0.25€ EURO per km for the Groups: F, G, FR, F1, H, H1, H2 and K.


4. Accessories, additional drivers and learner drivers:

You can also reserve baby seats for your vehicle (from 9 months to 2 years old), booster seats (from 2 to 13 years old) and arrange for additional drivers.


You can reserve 1 to 6 accessories according to the number of seats in the vehicle.

The price is from 5.22€ a day and per accessory, the maximum that you would ever have to pay is 52.5€ per rental and accessory.


An additional driver costs 3.03€/day


Roof racks are not available at the moment.


Learner drivers

There is a surcharge of 12.10€ EURO for drivers aged 19 to 23 , per day of rental; this surcharge applies to all beginner drivers who have less than two years experience driving with a valid license.


5. GPS Navigation System:

The GPS costs 6.26€/day and the maximum price per reservation is 62.58€.


6. Insurance:

Please refer to the general conditions to see the prices of the insurance policies.


7. Break downs, accidents and fines:

Our rental vehicles have been fully cleaned and serviced before they are handed over to clients (motor, tyres…) and they come with all the necessary documentation.


If a New Econorent vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, clients should contact our offices as soon as possible (within the next 24 hours).


    Head office (in office hours): 0034 965 689 060

    Telephone number for break downs (outside office hours): 0034 607 288 315


If the vehicle breaks down in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia, Castellón or Murcia, New Econorent has a 24 h roadside assistance service that will come and help you; your vehicle will also be replaced as soon as possible.


If the vehicle breaks down in any other province of Spain, roadside assistance is provided by the rental vehicle’s official dealer. We should be informed immediately of the incident so that we can organise the necessary assistance and repair work.


Remember that in the event of an accident, the accident form (which is provided with the rest of the documentation) must be filled in and one copy that has been signed by the drivers involved in the accident must be handed into our offices within the next 24 hours.


If the rented vehicle is involved in any type of driving offence, the offender will be held completely responsible for paying the corresponding fine and they will be charged an extra 30€ on their credit card for any inconvenience caused by having to deal with the fines.


IMPORTANT: Clients shall be refused a vehicle if they cannot present a confirmed airline ticket when they come to pick up the vehicle (or at least the return ticket). If this is not possible, they should present some type of official identification that proves that they live in Spain when they come to pick up the vehicle (water, electricity bill, etc).


IMPORTANT: If you reserve a vehicle from the H1 group, bear in mind that this vehicle is considered to be a commercial motor vehicle which means that the maximum velocity on motorways and dual carriageways is 100 km/hr and on A roads the maximum velocity is 90 km/hr. The company cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who do not respect these limits.


You can reserve your vehicle as follows:


    Through our Website, by E-mail in or by telephone: 0034 965 689 060


Thank you very much for choosing Econorent Parking.