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econorent parking





Phone (+34) 965 689 060 · Mobile (+34) 607 288 315

Rentals can be paid in cash, by debit or credit card as long as the number of the card is provided for our records and the deposit.


Payments for the rental service are made when the vehicle is picked up.


The rental vehicles are dropped off at the Econorent Parking Airport offices (click on the map to see details).

IMPORTANT: In the event of a breakdown or accident your vehicle will be replaced immediately.

Econorent Parking Rentals

Choose the type of car you want (small, medium sized, big, van...)

Choose the date you want to pick up and drop off your car.

Have a look at all the cars available, the corresponding prices, the personalised features available such as children’s seats, trailers, etc.

Choose the model of car you want and then make your reservation. Keep your receipt (this is sent to you by email) and present it at our office when you pick up your car.

How to make a reservation?